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Default Re: Hazel Creek Push Carts

Forgot to add: If buying a new cart, insure wheel hubs tight and packed properly. Take tools and grease, a tube of bike water-proof grease works well. Some friends of mine took a brand new one out, and we did trail-side repairs in the first half-mile. Also be careful not to overload downhill side of the axel if going around a slope. Please report on the state of the trail and bridges, as the last time I was there the main bridge was bent and the trail above rutted badly. Have heard it is all fixed, but not from anyone who has actually been there. As a simple country lawyer I know all about double hearsay. Cart allows all sorts of luxuries: I take a cot and a chair, as well as a big tent and more food than I can usually eat. However you get there, and with whatever you take, be prepared for a great trip. Nothing in the east beats Hazel Creek. Watson
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