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Default Re: Cold weather fishing on AbramsCreek

Thanks for the responses. Fact is I'm a wanabe trout fisherman.
The water temperature at Abrams was 40 degrees at 1:00 in the afternoon on Sunday, so it was cold. About two weeks ago I switched from a dropper combo bed head prince nymph and hare's ear to a Harvey Stone fly that worked good last year. Well, it's working good this year too. *I love to dry fly fish but in this cold weather , nymphs work best for me. And I still use a pinch on strike indicator. (Some day I'll grow up but when your catching fish its hard to stop).
Question. I noticed that the bottom half of the tail fin on one of the large rainbows was partially shreded. Not bad but noticable. *Any ideas why.? This fish was caught above the falls, upstream of little shoe so I dont think it was a stocker :-/. *
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