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Default Re: Smoky Mountain Etiquette

My wife my son and I had a really bad experience last October .
We decided to fish Tremont and the wife and son started just above the foot bridge.
I went ahead a few hundred yards after fishing a couple of pools I came upon a lady sitting on a rock reading.
Just upstream there were a father and son both dressed in jeans and tennis shoes, the father with a fly outfit looking very confused.
* * I worked back downstream and up the rather steep bank :P
When the wife and son rejoined me we climbed another half mile or more.
* * Ten minutes later I noticed my wife on the trail looking very disgusted.
Just around the next boulder there were the same trio.
My wife had seen them pass and jump in just yards above me.
* * *Once again we hiked anotherhalf to three quarters of a mile.
This time Brenda decided to watch us from the trail.
I should have known why.
* Within twenty minutes the three passed , spotted a nice deep hole within yards of us and started to drop off the trail when Brenda stopped them and as politetly as she is capable of began to explain that we had three times been forced to yeild the stream to them.
* *It seems that the mans wife didnt like having her husband share the stream with anyone.
My wife however is not a patient woman and before my son and I could rescue the three of them from her ,they were moving back down the trail at quite an impressive pace looking back over their shoulders worriedly.
The sound of Brendas voice still echoing in the valleys,and their ears.
* *The moral to this story is with this woman three strikes and you are out.
* *
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