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Default Re: Beginner Fly Tying

I've got to give a big thumbs up to the book Fly Tying made clear and simple by Skip Morris.

Back in 04', after lot's of night school, my wife graduated from College. So, with her time burning, busy hobby of school out of the way, she came to me asking me what she could do as a hobby to occupy her spare time. Being a man of few words, I said "I dunno". She piddled around for a bit and said "what about tying flies"?

My eye's instantly lit up. Being on the water a lot and losing a bunch of flies means that I'm always needing bugs. I instantly said yes. I showed her a few things and I got her a copy of the book I mentioned. Well, I took off for a week of work on the river and when I returned I found that she'd tied me a couple dozen boogers. Now boogers can, at times, be a guide's best friend, and you can never have enough.

I was thrilled and for the rest of the season, I never found myself lacking for any color or size booger. And they were good ties too. Looked good and I didn't have to tie them.

She did all of my boogers for two seasons before our son was born. Now days, I'm back to tying my own boogers as well as everything else I need. But it was nice while it lasted.....and all it took was a few words from me (very little other than showing tools) and the book by Skip Morris. 8-)
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