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Default Re: Smoky Mountain Etiquette

This is a great topic for discussion. *So far it sounds as if all who have posts on this topic are what I would consider to be knowledgeable and courteous anglers who know how to share the waters we love and appreciate.

My wish is to have all the the rock-chucking,intoxicated2toothedwithabrandnewspincaste randrapallachucking,
hurrydownthereboybeforehegetstherehunterlookingred neckfromInbredholler,
gofindsomeotherplacetogotrash individuals read this and hope some of it will sink in. *Do I sound a little aggrivated about this issue? *Yep, I sure do. *Too many times I have had the 'rudest of the rude' people intrude my space. *Well what I,and most of you apparently, consider to be my space. *But the fact of the matter is it is not my space. *It belongs to God and he just lets us use it. It is obvious to me that some of us treat it better than others.*

I am thankful for the times I can have a peaceful outing and hopefully in the future the only people I will run into is you guys who have a clue.

But to answer the origional question, I agree with Petey. *Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. *So if any of you have some greyhaired guy come up to you and hand you a fly he says he's lucky enough to find to work and then he leaves you the heck alone, repay him the favor if you come across him one day and see him so frustrated he's about to dive in and try to catch one by hand.
May you fish more than you wish for.
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