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Default North Carolina Trout Fishing

Hey I am just putting this out and welcome any comment. I fish Snowbird Creek alot and my favorite time of year to fish it is winter. The reason is the winter fish which move out of Santeetlah Lake to spawn in the feeder creeks. This is the closest thing I know of to Steelheading in the south. I would like to see more folks fishing with flyrods in the winter, maybe the locals would see the potential benefit to the tourism (which might aid in some better regs on the lower section of the stream). Snowbird is not the only stream which receives the fish, just the one I know the best. 16-19" Rainbows seem to be fairly common, I have heard of fish up to 31" though I have not had the luck of catching one.
16-20" muscular rainbows and browns are nice enough fish though. Any comments or questions are welcome!
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