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About five years ago, right after purchasing my new fly rod, I took it up to our bass pond which has plenty of casting room on land if you do it right. Anyway, down here (Bama) we don't go in the water if we can help it in these bass ponds. While stripping my line back, I got a real hard tug and was so excited - my first bass on a fly rod! It felt like it was a monster! What a fighter.

When it got closer and up toward the surface, I guess I couldn't stand playing any longer and pretended my flyrod was a heavy weight Shakespear baitcasting rod. While flipping my catch up onto the bank, low and behold, in mid air, an awful discovery was made- it was not a bass at all, but a big old water moccasin.(Geez, and I hate snakes). Not like the ones in cold water that look like a moccasin, it WAS a mocassin. Luckily, my clippers were right around my neck and I was able just to clip my backing and let it go- leader, and fly. *For a split second there, sacrificing my flyrod too had crossed my mind. *After I clipped it, I got the heck outta there not knowing where the snake would go. *That was the LAST time I ever went flyfishing in a bass pond.
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