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Default Re: Hazel Creek Push Carts

Well, canyon, since you have blocked me from your PM list I'll just give you an answer here.

First of all, I didn't see Byron or Paula getting upset about me posting a link to the psychofisher forum. Yes, they can get a little crazy on that forum but that has nothing to do with it. I simply put a direct link to the post I thought Chris would find interesting. Seems Brad (psychofisher) and a few others just got back from a trip up Hazel Creek this past weekend. Well, he posted pictures and several of those pictures are of the carts they used. To me, they looked like something Chris would be interested in.

If anyone is offended by the link I put in my reply I'd be happy to remove it. But, I was under the impression that we are all adults here and can discern things for ourselves. And, I would hope that the members of this forum are of the intelligence to know LRO's has nothing to do with that post. They simply host this forum and don't necessarily agree with everything here.
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