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Default Re: Smoky Mountain Etiquette

I have never had much trouble with other fishermen, my problem is with non-fishermen who stop and pester you with questions or worse for interminable minutes. You would think that in a park of 500,000 acres you could find somewhere where you could get some peace. I don't go real deep into the woods, but I don't stand out on the road with a parking sign easier.

Last Spring was typical. I was fishing downstream from Tremont when these two people stopped, walked down to the edge of the water and started splashing about laughing, after about 10 minutes they left. The next day I was fishing on the LR when a Suburban pulled up disgorged 5 people who proceeded to stand above me peppering me with questions for at least 10 minutes. However the worse was Fall of 04. I was fishing my way back to Townsend and had stopped by a little waterfall on the LR. I was seeing a little action and was chasing what appeared to be a nice looking 'Bow' when a car stopped, unloaded a family who climbed down the rocks, stood behind me and threw stones in the water downstream. I am sure you all know how hard it is to cast with people standing close behind you. The worst of it was before leaving the mother actually threw one of the kids in the water about 6 feet behind me. So much for my last cast of the day. I just waited until they left and got out of the water and went back to the hotel.

I realize the Park belongs to everyone. Years ago my late wife and I used to hike(we made it every falls on the TN side) and would often pass people fishing. We would wave and then move on assuming they were doing their thing and didn't need our help to enjoy themselves. Don't get the wrong idea I don't mind being friendly and chatting for a bit, but 10-15 minutes of talk or dodging flying kids is a bit extreme it seems to me.
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