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Default Re: Beginner Fly Tying

I recently started fly tying a couple of months ago, I got a kit for Christmas and then bought the Orvis fly tying guide. *What do yall think about that book? *Seems to be a little expensive but helpful. *I have been fishing for less than two years so I am not sure on what to simulate as far as insects go just yet. *However I did take an entemology class that has helped a lot.(easy A)

I am trying to tie some flies for our spring break trip and being a college student with limited funds I find I am substituting the best I can. *My question on this is how closely should I make my flies resemble others I see online and in the book? *Can I get away with using different materials for different flies? *Such as for my BWO's all I have is light blue dun hackle. *Is that something I should shell out the cash to buy a different shade of blue, and if so what color should I purchase? *For my Prince nymphs I have been substituting parts of the turkey feathers off of a turkey I shot last year, (cheaper that way.) *I think it looks pretty close, however will that be something that is durable enough to fish with? *Also I don't have any wood duck flank, how important is that or is there something I can sub instead on flies like my hendricksons?

We are planning on spending a few days at the end of March around Cades Cove on Abrams and up towards Tremont, then heading up to the S. Toe river towards Burnsville. *I have been tying *Prince and Pheasant tail, nymphs, * Some thunderheads, midges, parachute BWO's, female and parachute Adams, and tan caddis flies(someone showed I can substitute tan foam for elk hair) *Tied a couple of pink henricksons and a not so good attempt at some quill gordons. *If yall have any suggestions on something else I should look into tying I would appreciate it greatly. *

There aren't really any fly shops around Auburn, AL. to get tips from, so any help would be appreciated grealty.
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