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I highly recommend hiring a guide to help you on the learning curve. I spent a half day with Walter Babb a few years back because I wanted to learn to fish nymphs effectively, particularly using the "highstick" method. That was the best spent money in fly fishing for me. I am mostly self-taught and I learned more in a few hours from Walter than I had learned in a few years of trying to figure it out on my own. Be totally honest up front with your guide. Let them know your level of experience, and any technique that you want to work on. Any good guide should be able to help you learn a lot. I would recommend NOT focusing on catching fish as much as refining techniques. Sure, a good guide should put you on some fish, but the focus should be on learning unless you can afford a guide just for someone to fish with. Also, the guide should not fish. By the way, depending on your skill level, LRO does fly fishing schools also that might help you. There is a day in a classroom learning the basics of knots, etc. The second day is on-stream practice with certified instructors there to help you. I haven't taken any classes myself, but knowing the people at LRO I can tell you it will be very well done.

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