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I have only tried midges a few times in the park when they were in the air and I was sure the fish were eating them instead of something else. The fish in the park are opportunistic, they will eat what ever is available.
One January about 3 years ago I was fishing the Y and could see a couple of 16"s sitting on the bottom at what looked like 20 ft. To complicate things there was ice junks the size of a small car floating downstream. The temp was in low teens and I could not keep my line from icing up. I was not able to cast in the true sense of the word so ended up pinching on some lead and basically slinging my line upstream and floating it down to the fish. After about an hour I finally got the nymph deep enough to bump the nose of the fish and saw it open it's mouth. Gently set the extra sharp hook and hauled her in. The fly was a (not again) Georges Nymph no. 12. Sometimes if not more often in the park, a fish will hit a fly that is a little bigger or smaller or somehow different than the hatch. I don't know why but it works for me. One more tip, learn to sharpen your hooks. They are pretty sharp when new but can be sharper. It makes all the difference when the fish are hitting light. Keep it sharp by touching it up ever so often while fishing it. Especially if fishing the bottom, and you will land more fish.
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