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Default Re: Biggest Trout to Hand in the Park

I "witnessed" this fish last March "somwhere" on Little River. My buddy David Fisher and I had just stepped into the water and noticed two other guys fishing.I was trying to figure out were to go as to give them a wide berth to fish, I watched this guy blind cast and get bushwacked by this brown. Dude didn't have a net, started screaming at the top of his lungs " I need a net..Net help..Net help"..Fish asked if he could help, guy wanted his buddy to land the fish. The buddy almost drowned everyone in the process of trying to bulldog this brown. Finally came to net, guess what ..They didn't have a camera. Fisher, again, being the stand-up guy, took photos, wrote the guys e-mail down and upon returning home, sent photos. Guy claimed to be a guide..Fish would have probably gone a bit over 20".....
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