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Default Re: Smoky Mountain Etiquette

One summer we were fishing a hole on LR and three car loads of people from Atlanta jumped out and stood beside us and began throwing rocks at our dries. At first I figured pure ignorance and began to explain what was happening with the fish when they tossed in rocks and as we were there first there was plenty of water around to throw rocks at. It wasn't children, they were adults! There kids, after hearing me explain had stopped throwing rocks and tried to move down stream. Thier parents encouraged them to stay and throw rocks where we were fishing! They may have been drinking or some such but I couldn't be sure. We stayed where we were and they soon tired of the rock throwing and as they left one of the adults in the party hung back away from the others and apologized for the behavour of the others. Made me feel a little better, but for about a half an hour I was in condition red. I was not afraid of being beat up or anything like that. I could have stopped them all if I had too.
Ahhh "thats all I can say about that".
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