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Default Re: Black Bear Encounters

Thanksgiving before last I was fishing a stretch of the Little River when people were stopping along the road doing the pointing and jumping out of the car with a camera thing. At first, I though it was because they were admiring my perfect casts to rising fish but it turned out that there were a pair of cubs just ahead of me about 20 yards away...they were scrambling around, playing and climbing a tree that was over hanging the water.
I sat and watched them for a moment as I was standing mid stream, and then that feeling came over me - where was the momma bear? As I turned around, I found her sitting behind me on the shore not more than a couple of rod lengths away. Basically the water seperated us, but I just sat there looking at her and she at me as she was sniffing the air trying to figure me out.
She wasn't very big. Maybe 75 - 100lbs if that...but regardless, no one would ever want to be inbetween a mother bear and her cubs. So I calmly waded back to the other side and she eventually called her cubs and they scurried up the hill. They didn't leave though, they spent the better part of a couple of hours no more that 50 yards away from the waters edge. After the nerves calmed, I figured I stay and hard to leave rising fish. Though it was some what harder to keep one eye on the fly and the other to the hillside....

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