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Default Re: Black Bear Encounters

The last death by a bear must have been May of 2000...I think. Husband and wife were hiking up Little River trail. Husband hiked on without his wife, who wanted to wait back and hang out by the river. He came back and she had been mauled and partially eaten by a very aggressive bear (I don't remember if she had cubs with her). I think this same bear had been a nuisance in some of the surrounding campgrounds shortly before the death. I was dayhiking Little River Trail up to campsite 30 in May 2004 (same time of year) when I happened upon a mother and her cub camping out on the trail. Had to wait them out, but you better believe the story from a year before was running through my head. After about 15 minutes of waiting by myself, a park ranger came up the trail behind me. He had a large shovel with him. It's nice to know that he was ready to bury me 6 feet under if he had to. Ha. I saw 7 bears out on the trails in 2004, most of which ran away after seeing me, just don't get in between mom and her cubs. Trust me. A friend and I must have been the fastest ever to hike Rich Mtn Trail after making that mistake. All I know is that mama bear was up in a tree with us between her cubs and she wasn't happy. Heard a rustle up in the tree and a boom on the ground when she came down. We didn't wait around to see what she wanted.

Has anyone else seen the movie Grizzly Man? That guy was a nutcase. Can't fault him for being passionate, but he was definitely not all there.
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