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Default Re: Fly Line for my needs

It probably depends on the application. If you are going to be making really long casts a W/F line would work. I use a #5 on tailwaters on a #5 rod. I use my #4 7ft rod in the park and on warm streams.It has a D/T #5 on it. With a med action you shouldn't need to go much above one weight. With a stiff action where the tip is casting the line you might be able to get away with 2 sizes up for short casts. It is a balancing act and depends a lot on the person using the rod. I havn't met very many people that like casting with my 7ft rod but I can make 30-40ft casts if need be. If you are close to LRO you could try some of their reels with different size lines on it. They usually have several around for folks to try out.
How long have you had the rod? Is it your first rod? You may like a stiffer action. The good thing about LRO you can try before you buy.
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