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Default Re: Smoky Mountain Etiquette

Recovery times for Smoky Mountain trout vary from a few minutes to several hours. *Last summer, I was catching plenty of fish then suddenly everything shut down. *I looked at my fishin partner, he looked at me. *We later found that at that spot roughly 2 hours earlier 2 fishermen had bushwacked their way in front of us. *The fishing never recovered. *On the flip-side, I was fishing around the wye and was approached by a swimmer with mask and snorkel telling me there were several trout where he'd been fishing. *To humor him, I cast into the exact spot he had been flopping around in just a few minutes earlier. *In 12 casts, I caught 11 trout. *(I was distracted by a nice bikini on one). *

I believe factors related to recover include:
1. Trout familiarity with people. *The more familiar, the faster recovery. *I have fished between tubers and caught fish.
2. Hunger. *The greater the hunger, the shorter the recovery

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