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Default Re: Yellowstone Trip

Thanks for the advice. We had planned to hit Slough Creek, but I was worried about how crowded it would be. Sounds like we'll at least be able to find a spot to wet a line. Trout Lake was one of the lakes I thought of fishing if for no other reason than we plan to spend a lot of time in that corner of the park. I've heard the fishing can be tough in the lake later in the season, but I would definitely like to get a look at one of those monster rainbows. Who knows, maybe I could fool one.

I have a practical question that maybe someone could help me with. We plan to camp roadside for most of the trip, but we will probably get a hotel for a night or two to freshen up. Anyone have an idea on how tough it would be to find a room in the Cooke City area in August without a reservation? I currently plan to reserve a room, but it would be nice to not be tied to a hotel on a specific night. Thanks for all the help,

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