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Default Re: TN vs NC fishing licenses

Frankly, when lic. fees were increased recently, alot of out-of-staters were shocked. The doubled prices mean that I can't afford to buy a lic. for GA, NC and TN. You can fish the park with an NC lic. and IMHO NC's trout water is at least as good as anything in TN, save maybe the tailwaters. I understand the need to increase lic. fees, but sockin' it to out of state fisherman is going to make alot of people do just what you've thought about doing. I'm not sure if the decrease in out of state sales will be large enough to matter to TN, but honestly there's enough fishing water in NC( including the park on both sides) to last someone a lifetime. No offense to LRO or any TN resident or guide. This is a touchy subject for some, and I'm not trying to upset anyone....just giving my opinion on the cost of fishing in TN these days. *

ps - just as the person above me posted on this part( correct me if I'm wrong, cause I may be), but I don't think that the resident lic was doubled like the out of state lic. was - or was it?
At any rate, with GA nd NC's out of state lic. being around $40-50, TN just seems way high to me...but again, that's just my opinion and isn't meant to make anyone upset.
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