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Default Comfort VS Utility

I have experienced that different gear setups work better in different situations. Usually my two most important concerns are range of movement and equipment needed. When fishing the mountains I find a small chestpack works fine. If I'm wade fishing a new tailwater I like to have the vest. And if I'm fishing out of a drifter a lanyard works well. The problem with these setups is the cost of purchasing gear for each one or the reconfiguring and reorganizing every time I change situations. I read that some people like to carry water with them as they fish. I learned, from backpacking, that water can be very heavy, so I use an empty water bottle that has a filter in the top. This allows very low weight with an unlimited supply of water, that your companions might appreciate. But everything I wrote depends on what I believe are the most important factors for my decisions, I have found different people consider different factors more important.
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