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Default Re: TN vs NC fishing licenses

I agree that TWRA needs to get up to speed with there multi-day license offerings. *A good price structure for 1-10 day permits. *I'm only aware of the 3 day and it seems that it's $20.00. *I think 20-$30 would be a good price for a 10 day permit and do $10 for 3. *Also, they could be more cost effective towards people that have to buy multiple license for their family members. *And, I wish they would start going from the date of purchase rather than the current deal. *Personally, I am all for the annual license increase if TWRA is indeed getting all this money themselves. *I've fished a lot in NC, GA, and TN and it is my opinion that Tennessee has superior fishing vs. the other two states. *I aint just talking trout, either. *If any of you are just fishing the Park and not any of the other resources in the state then you are truly missing out on the value of your licenses.

As a guide, I would really like TWRA to look into the things I mentioned regarding the permits and a date of purchase annual license. *It would help my business. *I think Tennessee stands at number 9 in tourism and a lot of these people want to fish. *But, I fear a lot of people are looking at this like you are.
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