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There are all kinds of places to camp around the area. Can't vouch for any of them but there are two up near Cullman and Good Hope (probably 20 minutes or so away) and at Rickwood Caverns State Park probably 30 minutes or so. That said, I have seen people before just camp on the side of the road there that leads to the chemical/ pumping station. Since 9/11 though, they may be stricter about that. The night a group of us thought about camping there, there was just way too much traffic up and down that dead end road!! We did not feel very safe. Not recommended really, and it may not be possible now anyway. Staying in one of the parks is my best recommendation.

Seems like there may be one somewhere on 69 near Bremen, but I can't remember. Those folks at Riverside Fly Shop may let you camp out on their space as well. They own some acreage around the shop, I believe.
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