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It has been 'way too long since I last fished Slickrock Creek, but I like it a lot. The fish are wild, and very spooky. Part of the trail follows an old logging railroad roadbed, which at times is high above the creek. I was walking on the roadbed and looked down at the creek which was at least 50 feet below. Those trout were going everywhere! They could apparently sense the footfalls of the people who were with me. You must be vewy, vewy stealthy to catch those trout!

The easiest access is to cross the lake by boat where the creek runs into the lake (Calderwood, I think). The next easiest access is to park off Highway 129 below the Cheoah dam and follow the trail which runs along the lake until you reach the mouth of Slickrock Creek. The hike to the mouth of the creek is about 3 miles, I think. There are other access points, but they are much more difficult.

It's probably best to plan to camp alongside Slickrock Creek. I think that you can camp anywhere, because it's in a Wilderness Area. I don't know if the Forest Service is maintaining any of the footbridges across the creek or not.

Don't bother fishing until you pass the lowest waterfall on the stream. There are 2 waterfalls. It's a great place to fish, but it's remote, for sure.
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