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I have attempted to downsize in the last couple of years. My current setup is a FlyteDeck chest pack (, which is built around a 16-compartment Okuma flybox, and a fishing shirt in which I carry two Okuma 16-compartment boxes. That's a total of 48 compartments and three foam pads (in the lids of the boxes) in which to carry flies. The FlyteDeck has a total of 6 poly cords (like the Simms retractor) to attach floatant, nippers, etc. It has a compartment for two spools of tippet. The harness also has a D-ring for a net, and the FlyteDeck comes in a small stuff bag which doubles as a back compartment and clips onto the D-ring. For hydration I carry a filtration bottle. Much lighter than carrying all of your water in and out. I also use the inside front pocket of my waders, if I'm wearing them, for additional tackle storage. The only real inconvenience is that the harness straps for the FlyteDeck interfere with the flaps of the fishing shirt pockets.
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