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Default Re: fishing in the smokies

Caddis fly,

If you are new to fly fishing, I would highly recommend hiring a guide. LRO has some really good guides that can help you learn where the fish are and how to catch them. The Smokies are not the easiest place to learn this great sport as far as catching a lot of fish. There are plenty of fish but it takes experience to catch them. If you can catch fish in the Smokies, then you can probably catch fish just about anywhere. That said, if you really want to go on your own, once the weather warms up try hiking away from the roads. Upper Little River comes to mind here as a good option. Generally, the farther you hike, the better the fishing. Get a park map and start exploring. The spring hatches are about to start which means that all the streams should be fishing well soon. This is THE time to catch fish on dries in the park during a good hatch. The Middle Prong of Little River at Tremont is another good spot. Drive up the gravel road aways and find some good water and start fishing. Stopping by LRO would be a good idea also. I am mostly self-taught and they always were very friendly and helpful and gave me great advice.

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