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Default Re: Removing Non Natives from the Park?!

Ain't going to happen....railroads and timber companies took care of this way back when....a lot of the water in the park will not support the way to keep the other species from coming back in....I can remember even in my lifetime when there was a time when there were no brown trout to be found in the they are up in areas where I used to catch I have posted before, the Park tried to fish out Tremont one year by requiring everyone to bring out all fish regardless of the size that were not brookies....did not even come close to working....all it did was to vastly improve the fishing for the next several years.....removal of the rainbows and browns would greatly reduce the fishery that now exists in the park....besides, this would require a large influx of money which we know will not ever be available....budget restraints shut down the stocking program that was once part of the Park's responsibilities to provide recreation...I firmly believe these non-native species are with us for the long haul.
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