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Default Re: fishing in the smokies

You can start with West Prong of Little River and up on into Laurel Creek. They are not the highest quality fishing streams but they are easily acessed from the road and before the tourist crowds arrives you should be able to catch a few.

Another spot would be West Prong of Little P but it might not be the best for a beginner. Good Luck. Remember stay low and use drab colored clothing and minimize false casting, rather dab the fly with just the leader on the water and make sure you are getting a drag free drift. Lastly, use a fly you can see in the rough water. I am amazed on how many fish are lost because the fisherman didn't notice the strike due to not seeing the fly. Remember it is better to see the fly and have a drag free drift than exactly imitate the hatch and not see the fly. This advice is for mountain streams. Low lying areas and Tailwater are a whole other ballgame. Hope this helps.
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