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Default Re: Delayed Harvest on Tellico

Yes. I've fished it quite a bit and have been very impressed with it. I believe TWRA is really getting the hang of the DH thing. I've found some really impressive fish, a lot of jim dandies, and a nice mix of wild trout in the bunch.

You have to fish accordingly to what the weather and bugs are doing but you can usually find them cooperative if you take your time and diagnos each run and fish it accordingly. Don't be afraid to nymph deep (6 - 8 ft or more in the heaviest water) and heavy. Typically, if your not fishing heavy nymphs with at least a half a twiston on your line.....well your just not getting down to them. With sun on the water and warmer air temps, you could encounter a nice hatch and the fish will move for the bugs if the hatch is right.

Definately worth a few visits....and if you miss it this year....plan to fish it next year.
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