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Default Re: What's your favorite midge dryfly patterns?

On the Clinch, when the olive midges are coming off, I like to use a suspender type pattern that is in Randall Kaufmann's "Tying Nymphs".

Basically you tie a strip of closed cell foam along the top on a #20 hook - leaving a small tuft at the rear and head that represent gills...tie in a gold or silver wire over a olive thread body that was used to secure the foam between the tufts, finish with a single peacock herl wrapped just behind the front tuft of foam and tie off thread...
Fairly easy tie - you can substitute a thread body for a coloring of the body section of foam with a olive waterproof marker. This will create a "lighter" body that will float higer in the column. As it stands, the fly will float horizontal, but if the fish are really taking in the film, just trim off the rear tuft foam section, powder up the top tuft with some frogs fanny and it'll float vertical.

You can pair it down and change up colors to suit the midge coming off - usually with the olive midges there's a smaller black midge in the 24's that has worked well too.
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