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Default Re: What's your favorite midge dryfly patterns?


Waterborn puts up some excellent advice! I haven't used the fly he mentions but I do use a technique that puts the fly in a certain part of the water column like that fly does. I will use a cdc post klinkhammer for trout taking midges just below the surface and I will grease my leader or use cdc and frogs fanny to suspend a midge pupa tied with thread and fine wire. Unless you actually see the fish taking adults off the surface then I wouldn't waste my time with midge dries. In my experience, pupae and stuggling emergers caught in the meniscus are what you want to imitate. A good dry-dropper combo would be a griffiths gnat and a zebra midge of some sort. Just remember, you don't always have to fish midges on a dead drift.

BTW, if you or anyone else find a fly that mimics a struggling midge in the meniscus then I will pay to look at it. In my opinion, that is the most difficult insect to imitate. The emerger isn't just laying still trying to break surface tension, that sucker is floppin' around! If you find that fly you will catch A LOT of fish!
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