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Sorry for the mix up on the writer with an affection for the Hornberg. Maybe the person that wrote those messages will see this one and reply. I have done a little research on the fly and have found it can be fished wet or dry. I have seen it mentioned as an imitation of a stone fly and also a caddis. When stripped subsurface it must represent a baitfish. I prefer to fish dry flies myself but must admit much of what I have read suggest it attracts larger fish when fished wet.

Either way I appreciate both replies I have received to this point. I am going bring a few with me later this month and see what happens. If I have an outstanding experience I will let all of you know. Most likely I will tie on a Parachute Adams or a BWO and fish it all day vowing to try the Hornberg at the next spot.

Once again, thanks for the help guys, gary <*))))><
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