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Default Re: St Simons Island pt 2

I found a leader taper for saltwater fly fishing in a book and I've been using it for years. *It's called the 60-20-20 taper. *You can use mono or fluorocarbon. *The formula calls for 60% butt section, 20% mid section and 20% tippet. *You can use 30# for the butt, 20# for the mid and 12# or 16# for the tippet. *You can also use heavier mono if you want to. *I have used up to 40# for the butt, 30# for the mid and 20# or 16# for the tippet. *To make things simple make a ten foot leader. *I use a blood knot to connect the sections. *I use fluorocarbon only because it is more abrasion resistant but it's also expensive. *I use guides and don't get to fish in saltwater except for a few times a year so I don't cut corners on the leader but mono is probably used by most fishermen. *This setup works fine for redfish, bonefish, speckled trout, ladyfish, snook, flounder, stripers, permit, even bluefish and just about everything else exept barracuda and sharks. *You need wire tippet for those guys. Tarpon fishing requires a whole different setup and I let the guide take care of that. *I haven't had much luck fishing in the surf because the waves are always tangling the fly line. *I usually fish in the bays or on the flats. * Hope this helps. *Byron
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