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Default The Lost Net...

Well, the net that was found wasn't mine...

Actually, its sorta poetic justice - this was the net that I found on Abrams Creek last year and posted on every fly fishing board around and could not find the its somewhere below Metcalf... I won't lie - its a nice net and has become something of sentimental value, but I was more upset about loosing the cool retaining gadget that I had searched high and lo for and was attatched to it - the reason it didn't "retain" was I was trying new chestpack setups and didn't secure the whole rig right to begin with....

So as we are about to be into the busiest season for the park and should you find yourself below Metcalf - let me know if you happen upon it...I'd be much obliged....

May you find a rise in every puddle... - WATERBORN
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