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Parking on the left side of the jail (as your facing it) near the dumpster is still not a crime, while the errected a structure where the impound lot was and there are some other cars along that grass strip there, I've parked there still with no incident. They are cops - they let you know if they don't want you there, but I've not had any issues 'cept the incarcerated tapping on thier little glass windows as I was getting suited up. If it is too crowded or you rather walk farther - park in the lot or soccer area.
Tucked back there past the dumpster to you left (do not go right or behind the actual jail - then they'll get ya) follow the tree line and find the magic door that leads to the water (you do hafta kinda beat around the bush ) could walk upstream from there and find some great water that will keep you busy all day with out having to move up stream a whole lot.
People used to walk around that fence where you enter the tree line and walk further on the church land - last time I was there I talked to some church members who had no quams with me being there and knew of no reason they would ban access...if you stay tight to the right side treeline/streamside...
Personally, on land, that is as far as I walk - from there I'm in the water and fishing - there is enough water before that bend to keep one busy...
I'm not advocating tresspassing by any means - I've been fishing that spot for many years and have yet to have a conflict...I think that Running Wolf has it right when he stated "Respect them..."
As far as the boat ramp area - you can walk up stream, but it'll take a nice hike...I used to do it before I found about the jail access - you have to walk on the shore under the bridge then cross to mid stream and follow the wadable water up. Takes some time, but there are some nice holes along the way that hold fish.

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