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Default Re: March trip cancled, what can expect in Juune

My favorite time of the year is early June. I have seen a strange pattern occuring many times over the past several years. The fishing will be okay to poor during the day- even nymphs may not do well during the day. I will pass fishermen leaving to go to eat in town as I am going out.
About 6:00 to 6:30, you will notice some #14-12 Yellow Sallies start to appear along with some Sulfurs just about the last hour before dark, the sky over some pool will be thick dancing mayflies. Trout rising everywhere. Then they will shut down almost instantly at dark!!! I have tried different yellow stone fly imitations and they do fairly well. I think the fish prefering the Sulfurs and I do better with a homemade fly. A Little River Sulfur- #12 hook- Orangish yellow biot body, orangish yellow dubbed thorax, light ginger or pale yellow parachute hackle, white or light dun post. I have "played" with this hatch and found you need some ORANGE tinge to the fly, and a #12 fly even though the actual flies are smaller. This fly seems to outfish a Light Cahill dry.
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