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I did a bit of legal research yesterday. *Tennessee has a statute called the "Conservation Easement Act of 1981." *If you want to read it, it's Tenn. Code Ann. 66-9-301 - 309. *I'll call it "the Act" in this post.

Section 66-9-305 of the Act forbids the acquisition of conservation easements by eminent domain. *That means that our only options are: (1) purchasing conservation easements for access to the Clinch (and other rivers) from landowners who are willing to grant them, and (2) finding landowners who are willing to donate easements.

I looked at a large-scale topo map of the Clinch between Norris Dam and Clinton. *One of the problems with access is that there are relatively few points where a road is near the river.

Does anyone know if anyone or an organization has identified desirable access points on the Clinch? *If we could identify points to provide adequate access to the river, we could then approach landowners about selling easements. *From there it's a matter of price and raising funds. *Once the easements are purchased, they could be donated to TWRA.

I define "a desirable access point" as being relatively close to the river and a public road, and which does not require a physically-demanding passage over land. *For example, it's no good having a parking spot which is more than one mile from the river, and most of that mile is near-vertical.

Grants may be available to purchase easements. Does anyone on this board have knowledge of potential sources of grants, and/or expertise in grant-writing? Of course, we can always have fund-raising events.
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