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Default Re: Clinch Access

More access on the CLinch would be nice, but I really don't see landowners selling off easments to allow additional access.

A lot of the landowners are very nice about access and will grant access if approached in a polite way. However, over the years, many of the landowners have been burned.

It doesn't take long for a nice piece of land to get ruined when people who access it do not treat it like a privledge. Littering is a big problem and some folks do not understand the pack it out philosphy. Why should a landowner open up there land to people if it means their land or property is going to get trashed. Now I'm not saying everybody does this but the old addage of "One Bad Apple" does have a lot of meaning.

Another thing that will get under their skin is the elitist attitude some people seem to have while fishing. Under current TWRA regulations, the Clinch is open to general trout regulations with the standard statewide creel limit of 7 fish. Imagine how infuriating it would be to be enjoying a day fishing from the bank with kids or grandkids....keeping a fish or two...and then having someone verbally attack you for what your doing.

Now like I said, by no means does this apply to the majority of the folks who fish or fly fish on the Clinch....or many other rivers for that matter....but it doesn't take too many jerks to ruin it for everybody.

Proper fishing manners and some of that good ol southern hospitality goes a long way in building partnerships and friendships. Good things will come when we start viewing all people as fishermen instead of "spin fishermenn" "Bait chunker" or "Fly Fishermen".

In the end, if people will repsect the landowners and their property, the landowners will respect the visitors much more, and everyone can enjoy our great rivers.

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