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You arenít from around here are you?

Most people donít want strangers on or around them. The ones who grant access for the most part do so by at least knowing who you are.

Some recent incidents of people leaving human waste on private property owners picnic tables at the river, pushing port a johns they have installed for guest into the river and other actions have not added to any good will gained. Not to mention the destruction of cattle fencing that has occurred on at least two landowners properties. Neighbor A allows access to neighbor B and B does not like it you have potential for new problems.

Add into the fact meth is now being manufactured in hunting woods and along stream banks with the portable labs along with the high dollar cleanup of its waste and it throws more into the negative reaction mode.

Property values a few years ago at Hwy 61 was around 35-40k, what will they go to in the near future?

Another factor you do not know about is the land owners and users group that was *formed several years ago called something like LUCRO and they have a private act in their pocket which the consequences of you would not like if they gave it to the state legislature as they would essentially have no choice but to make it law.That is a sleeping dog best left lying.

The last I knew a few years ago the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited had a working relationship with the Land Owners association and had talked of access issues that may be a good place to start, I think their web address is there should be some links there to get in contact with them.

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