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Default Re: suggestions on micro setup

I was also bitten by that same bug many years ago.....for the last 10 or so years I have been fishing the original Orvis One Ounce, 2wt rod....this is the 6'6" version....only problem I am having with it now is trying to get it away from my son.....great little rod and as Orvis promotes it this is not a toy but a well balanced rod that can put out a lot of line. While I generally bring this one out on some of the higher streams in the Park I have managed to land a 16" bow out of the Little Pigeon and a 14" brown up above Elkmont. You can cast all day with this rod and not feel like you have been beat to death....saw a great deal on one the other day on ebay....might be a good way to get into this type of fishing....good luck.
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