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There is no high-water mark on the Clinch. This was confirmed with TVA's river mangement and legal staff. The high water marks begin below the Highway 61 Bridge.

Polite is a key. The people across the river on the right side below the old fishing club do not like people on them period. They target practice very loosely a lot on their property. People who use the old fishing club tore their fence down many times they are not happy with most fishermen. They do allow some individuals access.

Be polite to all you meet in the river whether or not you agree with their fishing methods, them keeping fish or not and no one will say a word to you. I have seen someone complain to a bait fisherman there get kicked out of that part of the river.

There a few deeds that do not say middle of the river but no many and most are in the mid river area where you have to float through to fish it anyway.

Good to see someone be polite to some church folks that is getting very rare. One place I have private access to allows his church to conduct baptism there. There was some people floated through and made fun of them once when I was there. Uncalled for and when something was said to them they cursed and carried on even louder.

To the person asking about easement. TWRA was looking for additional access a few years ago as well. I do not know what the current status of that is either.
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