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“How about some positive waves here”

Gave you some realistic ones from what I know.

The number of years you have fly fished mean nothing to me or the land owners. In fact if you tell them that you have lost your battle before you have begun. They associate fly fisherman for the most part with elitist snobs. However let me add they do understand science and backed the scientific studies on the river to determine how to manage it, several even put in volunteer hours.

Sorry if it don't float your boat, but I was raised with most of the landowners children and know most of them (landowners) and how they think and feel. Most of the people do not appreciate strangers on or near their land especially with all that has gone on recently, which I have already addressed.

I gave you two groups to contact. As a note do not try and use the GSM chapter of TU it will get essentially every door in the river slammed in your face.

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