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Default Re: new brookie rules

Being a spec chaser, there are too many things to love about these little jewels, there created beauty, the small stream upper elevation terrain they swim in, and thier desire to always eat a dry...
While I've always hoped to seek out that 'holy grail' of a 12"er, I think that these stream openings gives us an more than just the opprotunity to find out if there are larger brookies out there. In addition to the whole new realm of exploring, I like the connection with the past of being able to drift flies in the waters of yesteryear as it were so.
Hopefully we'll learn from yeasteryear and all do our part to be good stewards of these streams and waters - I agree that trash may be the single biggest issue...especially a couple of those easier to access waters. Carry a small trash bag and carry some out, cause you know there will be...
Not only that - I'm curious if there will be an increase of bear encounters now that there'll be even more people in the backcountry with luch strapped to there waists .

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