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Default Re: new brookie rules

DARN IT- I'll be in the park the 10th and head home on the 13th. Please pity me I've got to get ready to go to the Fla. and the Keys.

I don't think litter will be that much of a problem. I believe most of the litter along the stream, comes from day or over night hikers. I use the ziplock I carried my lunch in to pick up on the way out.

Once the novelty of the open brookie streams wears off, I don't think there will be that much pressure. "TRUE BLUE LINERS" will respect the resource. Any hooking mortallity might actually benefit the streams by some needed thinning out. Those streams carry only so much food.

I've seen more bears down lower so they can be anywhere. When I "backcountry it" I usually hike in with a day pack and change to waders there. I then run my hiking shoes, rain coat, LUNCH, etc. up BETWEEN some trees on HEAVY STRING. Have fished all day and never had Mice, Coons or larger wildlife get into it. I usually fish up to my pack, eat lunch, then fish past it. I found I carry to much "IN CASE" stuff with me while fishing. Just carry a chocolate bar and granola.

I don't think we will make much if any impact on those streams.

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