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No he was not asking, but if someone else was talking about more access * if he wants success he needs to be aware of what he is facing. Better to be forewarned. Two groups may be helpful to engage a partnership with if he wants to succeed, one not to engage for help, as there are still very bitter feelings towards them along the river and its users. (Along with a deep resentment by several of fly fisherman in general.) I am not going to waste the board space to explain it, if you are local you know there is a lot of truth to that and why. That was just advice, I would like to see some access in spots and if I was still active in the organization I was I would help.

Most of the landowners are nice if approached properly.

Unfortunately there are several jerks on the river both on foot and floating it (both types of fisherman-but most locals only see it from the fly fisherman), one instance from them ruins 100 positive impressions.

I understand about wishing it getting better, I have not seen it but stay the same of get slightly worse.

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