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When I originally asked the question, I was only hoping to get some definitive answers about what restrictions there might be on access on the lower River. I started fishing that stretch in the late 80s when it was so "unknown" that I could take my golden retriever with me without fear of bothering other fishers, because there weren't any! As the sulphurs took hold and the word got out, that changed but I fished it heavily the 90s, and there was plenty to go around. With the demise of the sulphurs my interest has waned, to the extent that I never made it to the lower section last year. I had been hearing of access problems recently and I thought I would ask because even without the sulphurs there's a lot of fertility in the River.

Well, a definitive answer on access is apparently not forthcoming. What I take away from this is that in the short run, access will be governed by whether a particular landowner likes your looks or not (OK -- that's their right, but it does suck, because in the end, that's essentially elitism of an inverse variety -- you donít have to be a rich liberal lawyer in full Orvis regalia to practice elitism, you know). In the long run there really isn't any hope because the landowners will eventually sell to developers, because they don't like the looks of us flyfishers and there's more money to be made in selling the whole enchilada rather than just access rights. Believe me, it's coming, especially with the lure of "riverfront property" for the retiring boomers from up North at prices they would deem to be a bargain.

So the Clinch access situation can be summed up as: "get it while you can." I'm gonna try.
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