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Sorry you have problems understanding.

Behind the jail. Period.

If the Church gets insurance that allows it then you will there. If it donít you will not. The right side nobody allows access period.

One person on the left side lets people with permission, his wife is for shutting that off, and as a result he has given no one else permission in three years.

Is that plain enough?

I have fished that part of the river since 1965 when Mr. Underwood owned the land and road my bike up to fish. Things change.

It has nothing to do with elitism, but snobs and slobs of all varieties of life ruin things for you. *Your attitude will open or close doors for you over your looks. These people judge you for primarily on how you act, nothing more nothing less.

There has been no sulphur hatch to speak of (the fish barely pay attention it is so sporadic and limited) the past 4-5 years on the lower river. The river got silted up and killed most of the bugs ~ 5 years ago on the lower end so bad it was like wading in mud. I was there last year when TVAís biologist came out from doing their invertebrate survey, their conclusions they do not know if it will recover as there was that few of them.

I still hear of a decent sulphur hatch on the upper river, but it is not worth the crowds to me. I know how to midge fish.

The bigger problem is the town of Clinton condemning property they done have a piece 4 miles up river on the right side mapped out as a golf coarse.

Yankees buying up the property? Maybe with the next generation but I do not see many of this generation selling to those from the North.

Be glad it is not like Penn. where someone who owns both sides of the river does not even let you float it little alone wade it.

Team up with the person suggesting buying access and contact the two groups I suggested to him, that is your best bet.
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