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Keep your Dry Fly box handy as you may still encounter some decent hatches of blue Quills and/or BWO's in the afternoons. I fished last Sunday, 3/19, and the air temps were barely over 50 but the Hatches of Quills came hard about 2pm, and lasted an hour or so (Little River below Metcalf bottoms). There were Quill Gordons sz 12, and Blue Quills sz. 16/14 with some little brown stones mixed in. The fish keyed on the bigger Quills, but swithced to the Blue Quills as the Gordons thinned out. Caught several Browns and Bows in the 10-12" range and several other smaller bows. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the Quills will hatch just about the time the water temp breaks the 50*F mark.

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