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"But if no landowners are allowing access, then what's all this about being courteous to them -- how would you even get the chance? Your earlier posts indicated that "polite is key", insinuating that access is done on a case by case basis"

I have seen a few grant access to those after they have fished around them several times determine that they where ok, the fisherman did not asked, the landowner asked them if they would like to have access on them, I have seen this both on the lower end and in the middle section.

"most of us to be courteous is like reminding us to breathe"

I understand that is true for most who come here, but I also know it is not true for a few who come to this board as well.

As I have said TWRA was looking at some places and looking for outside help a couple years ago, the CRCTU chapter did some help in the process of actually putting Millers Island in the Public Domain, but I understand that may have fell through. I do not know the story. They where also looking at working with TWRA and 2nd Baptist about acquiring some access at the Church when construction was completed on the church and trying to work around the insurance problems, I think that fell through but I do not know.

If you park at the jail and go in do not park on the ambulance service property, if all slots are full on the up river side of the jail park down in front of the soccer filed.
I hope to see someone with the church in the next few weeks and I will ask them about what is going on and then I will post it.

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