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Default Re: Book on Hatches.

Selective Trout by Doug Swisher and Carl Richards ISBN: 1-58574-038-1

Trout Stream Insects an Orvis Streamside Guide by Dick Pobst ISBN:1-55821-067-9

The Orvis Streamside Guide To Trout Foods and Their Imitations by Tom Rosenbauer ISBN: 1-55821-986-2

The Caddisfly Handbook An Orvis Streamsidge Guide by Dick Pobst and Carl Richards ISBN:1-55821-542-5

Handbook of Hatches by Dave Hughes ISBN: 0-8117-3182-0

There's also a new one about eastern hatches advertised on but I don't remember the details. These are only a few examples there are many many more books out there. I would GUESS THAT LRO HAVE SOME OF THESE OR THEY COULD GET THEM FOR YOU IF YOU CALL THEM.
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